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Warriors are the strongest melee characters in MapleStory in terms of raw damage. Warriors also have the largest amount of HP out of all the classes, as well as the highest defense. Warriors have their own upsides and downsides.


  • Warriors have a largest amount of HP; up to twice as much as the other classes, and Spearmen even more with their skill "Hyper Body".
  • Warriors have the strongest armor in the game in terms of defense.
  • Because of their high damage, HP, and DEF, Warriors can hunt some higher level monsters more easily.
  • Warriors are able to "tank" most monsters.
  • Having high STR, Warriors are ideal for newbies.
  • Warriors can easily take down monsters faster than any other class.
  • Warriors have the biggest variety of weapons and armor.


  • Warriors are the slowest class in the game in terms of speed. They can be easily KSed (Killing Steal) (Kill and Steal?).
  • Warriors have the shortest range of attack comparing to the other classes. As a result, warriors get hit more often, and therefore are spending more mesos on potions.
  • Warriors have the lowest MP (magic points), so they can't use any good magic.
  • Some warrior's equipment hides the entire head. So no one can see your customized appearance, even if you spent a lot of NX Cash om it.

The warrior's hometown is Perion, where you can take the first job advancement at level 10 with Strength (STR) at a minimum of 35. There are also special shops for all warrior needs.

Every time you get levelled up you must put your ability (stats) points following way:
DEX must always be two times of your level and the rest of the points must go into STR. So by level 10 you should have 20 points in DEX, and at least 35 in STR. Don't waste your valuable points on anything else.

There are some recommendations for the development up to the level 30:

  • At levels 10-20: Snails are for fast XP, but you should start fighting Slimes, Stumps and Dark Stumps.
  • At levels 20-25: Pigs and Ribbon Pigs. They can be found at Pig Beach. You can also train near Ellinia. Green and Horned Mushrooms can be found there.
  • At levels 25-30: Try to get into a Party Quest group. Although some people find that Horned Mushrooms and Wild Boars are good.

Once your character reaches level 30, it can complete the second job advancement. You will need to complete a quest of collecting 30 Dark Marbles dropped by monsters near Perion. A Warrior can choose between becoming a fighter, spearman or page.

If you choose to become a fighter, you have two main choices; swords and axes. Two-handed swords are the most commonly used warrior weapons in the game since they are very stable and do more damage than one-handed swords. They are also expensive. Meanwhile, one-handed swords are faster, even more stable, and can be carried with a shield, but they are weak.

The second choice for fighters is axes. Axes do greater damage than swords, but their minimum damage is less because they are not stable. Generally, they are slower than swords, but can do more knockbacks to enemies, plus they are cheaper. One-handed axes are not very common, because they are not only weak, but also unstable, though you can carry them with a shield.

Pages on the other hand can equip swords and blunt weapons (BW), also known as maces. Blunt weapons are similar to axes, though they are generally stronger and slower. Their prices are even less than axes.

Spearmen though can only use spears and pole arms. However, unlike fighters and pages, most spearmen usually use both types because of the different skills. Spears do weaker damage with slashes than with stabs, which is unstable. Around 60% of the spear hits are weaker than the other 40% of hits. With pole arms, spearmen may have a little more stability, though they are also slow.

At level 70, your page, spearman or fighter can once change their job by talking to the 3rd job instructor Tylus at the Mystics Hut in El Nath of Ossyria and completing two quests. You will require Dark Crystal to finish these quests, strongly recommended to have spare crystal with you. Unlike previous job advancements, the player is not given a choice at this point. Warriors who became Pages become White Knights, Spearmen become Dragon Knights, and Fighters become Crusaders.

By reaching level 120, your character can become even more powerful with fourth job advancement. Crusaders become Heroes, Knights become Paladins, Dragon Knights become Dark Knights. Players are granted 4th job status after they have retrieved Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon for the 4th job instructor Dances with Balrog who is located in Leafre.


Tips for the warriors

Maplestory warriors are known for fighting up front and giving a lot of raw damage, but there are tactis and small tricks which can help your warrior to minimize the taken damage to save mesos spent on food and pots:
Use attack combined with jump. Jumping over a small monster while attacking it, then attack it again from behind, but must take note of the terrain and position of other monsters to not take additional damage.


Know your enemy! Each monster has its own unique behaviour and attack patterns: some will head straight for nearby players, while others take a less aggressive approach. Equally, some attacks and skills are more effective against certain monsters than others. This kind of knowledge differentiates a good warrior from an average one.
Knowledge of terrain. If there exists a spot on the map which allows you to attack you 1,5r enemy while not getting hit, why not use it?

Use pots appropriate for your HP. Smaller pots usually have better mesos/HP ratio. Good players should seriously consider pots sold in New Leaf City, which are much more cost efficient than potions sold anywhere else.

Choose a right place. Find a good place to train. A good place has a lot of monsters that are at least 3 - 5 levels below you.

Summarizing warrior class, we would like to point it once again. If you chose this class as your first Maplestory experience, you will not be disappointed. Leveling up is considerably fast and in overall this class is well balanced.




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